Who we are

Our facility offers a variety of outdoor activities of all kinds, from foot races to dog shows and charity events.

Breathe the fresh country air and enjoy the freedom of our equestrian farm, meet our farm animals and get a taste of farm life. We are committed to share this spectacular environment with you.

Discover the traditions of thoroughbred horse breeding, raising and training. The equestrian industry has the biggest economic impact on the local community. Our horses have won major races.


Our team

David Austin
David is responsible for the daily operation of the
Eva Adamson
Eva is a highly skilled talent acquisition professional with
Thomas Bishop
Thomas is a business professional responsible for a diverse
Natalie Barnes
Natalie is a corporate executive responsible for marketing activities

Our advantages


One of the leading ranch in the southern area

According to the latest rating of Rehabs.com, since 2010 our ranch has gathered specialists who really care about preserving old traditions of horse-breeding. It gave as a chance to attract and increase the interest to local horse-breeding and give shelter to dozens of prospective horses.

We give dozens of breeders an excellent workplace

The founders of our ranch have put great efforts into making the ranch a place of acquiring advanced knowledge on how horses should be bred. Every summer we show hundreds of visitors how horses should be treated and trained. And it certainly gives necessary results – our breeders have successfully proved their trainings were worth all spent resources.

We are trying to make your stay at our ranch better

Though our ranch holds top ranks in most ratings and has lots of awards, we are still developing. We believe that every family that stays at our ranch should receive a top quality service. We are highly interested in cooperation, so if you have something for us to offer, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our history

Here is a brief history how we have become the number one thoroughbred center of the world. The equine sector began to flourish in the 1950s because of profitable winter breeding season weather.